Band Zone

Mac’s Nightclub and Restaurant is known as “Eugene’s home of the blues”—but we are always looking for high-energy bands and musicians of various genres. We offer live music five nights a week. Take a look at our calendar and learn more about us.

We believe in supporting the musicians that enrich our community; all proceeds from weekend cover charges go to the bands.

Play at Mac’s

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Band FAQ

How do we get a gig?

We like to hire bands that are able to draw 30 or more people at a gig. You really need to work on this well before you start talking to us. We also recognize bands who put effort into promoting themselves. Self promotion is key to getting a gig at Mac’s and securing a spot in our rotation.

How big is your venue?

The overall club capacity is 150. The dance floor is 20’ x 30’ and the stage is 12.5’ x 9’.

Can we bring guests?

We allow one guest per performing band member.

How important is it to promote my band?

Promoting heavily is your best chance at getting our attention and insuring your place on our calendar. We are out and about and we see who is dedicated. You cannot post fliers for another venue in our club. Only Mac’s fliers will be admitted. If you have an entertainment concept that you think we might be interested in, let us know.

Questions? Contact us

Contact Mac’s with any other questions about performing at our venue.